Who are we?

Over Benaiah

The objective of the Benaiah Foundation is to offer help and support to needy and poor children, both in and outside the Netherlands, in particular in the field of education, medical care, nutrition, clean drinking water and in the area of ​​housing.

Target Groups Worldwide

  • Orphans and widows
  • Garbage Dump Communities
  • All peoples caught in the slave trade
  • Rural Poverty situations
  • Emerging developing economies

Mission statement

The funds supplied by Pyroil International to the The Benaiah Foundation’s will be used for the purposes of empowering all and any people group/community /country through equipping of adult life skills, education, micro farming projects etc to uplift, restore dignity, edify and educate at a multi levels covering spiritual, intellectual and physical conditions at whatsoever point they are to be found.


  • Economic injection into a community through strategic placement of viable business
  • Clinics, hospital, pro-life clinics, health centers
  • Feeding schemes for orphans and at-risk adults/communities
  • Play grounds, sports facilities for at risk communities
  • Care centers for fragile elderly/aids/children in at risk situations
  • Micro farming projects in rural areas
  • Small business seed projects in agriculture and animal husbandry
  • Schools, pre school education, primary level to graduate levels
  • Adult literacy education, skills development
  • Universities in the nations in developing nations/communities
  • All of the above to be used as a vehicle to spread the love of God to the nations